Release year: 2013
Track: Binary Wars / Artist: Direct-Y /  Crew: NodeZero Electronics
Written , Filmed , Edited: Lorenzo Marzocca

The Roman electronic music band “NodeZero” are my long time friends. They proposed me this track with the idea of using a mask of Darth Vader (Star Wars) and the destruction/demolition of electronic material. From this starting point, we have written the history of this video which is also considered a musical short film:

A wrong use of technology is exploiting our minds, making all of us slaves of the earth’s data owners. A group of resistance plays its role, destroying the control source, as a ritual against the manipulation we daily suffer. A personal project I worked on through my spare time in 2012/13.
Thanks to everyone who appears in the end credits and everyone in the video.”

Filmed with Canon 550d ( Lens: Canon 18-55 f4/5.6 , 50 f1.8 , 55-250 f4/5.6 ) and GoPro Hero3 Black Edition, using for the most a shoulder rig and a skateboard.