Anima Mundi – Introduction to Transdisciplinarity

Unleash the creative capacity of our intuitive intelligence, over-looking the specific and the particular

AWARD NOTICE: The Italian version of this video (here) has been awarded with the Filmagogia 2015 Best Video prize and the Special Mention of the Jury from the Filmagogia Foundation, as part of the 72th edition of the  International Film Festival of Venice 2015.

My last project. No commercial purpose , just the will to send a message to the people.
Shooted in Holland, Italy, Spain, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia with Canon 550D.

I would like to thank the many enthusiastic comments received for this video from International Institutions, especially from professor Basarab Nicolescu, President of CIRET (Centre International de Recherches et études Transdisciplinaires) and Sara Jacobovici, Director of Creative Arts Therapies Services.

video-pick-day-badge-illusion-BLACKWords by: Centro Studi Mythos
Narrated by: Benjamin G Scarf
Music : Yann Tiersen – Naval / Red Willis – Opera Frost
Sky Timelapse : Antonella Sabatino
Drone Operator : Nils Astrologo
Special Thanks to : Chiara Barbieri, Diego Giorgi, Alessandro Zeppi, Alice e Fabio Marzocca, Christian Letruria, Matia Zulberti, Marco Di Paolo, Antonella Sabatino, Francesca Aloisio, Alessandro Runci, Oliver Astrologo, Felicity Littlewood and everyone who helped me realize this video.

Italian version here